Your partner in civil aviation. we train from private pilot to line pilot

We train in Polish, English and German.

Aviation Training: LAPL - PPL - NVFR - MEP - IFR - CPL - from 0 to ATPL. Avionics Garmin G500, G1000, Avidyne, GNS 430, GNS 530, Analog training courses.

News! Touch Trainer Fly Service - CTT Cirrus preparatory training, simplifies and reduces the time of IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check) and IR (A) training.

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You can become a pilot
We regularly organize information evenings in our training bases.

Topics; LAPL (A), PPLA, CPLA, NVFR, MEPL, IR, PBN, from 0 to ATPL,
Touch Trainer Fly Service simulator. BATD
You have the opportunity to learn about our aviation school from the inside and receive information that interests you.
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